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When you're part of The F.E.W., you don't have to be lonely at The Top, or The Bottom...

As a Founder, or new Executive, starting from the bottom can be lonely, even when you're excited and passionate about the work and mission you're called to.

You'll find community, judgement free support and opportunities to learn from like minded women within The F.E.W.

As an Executive Leader, there is constant pressure to always know it all, do the most, and few people authentically share the journey of failing forward as you define success on your terms.

The F.E.W. is your shameless cheersquad, your space to strategize and an opportunity to exhale when you've been letting everything build up on the inside.

The struggle gets real, but we don't grow alone the coaching, support and sisterhood you'll gain in The F.E.W. ensures you won't have to.

The F.E.W. Experience

Saturday, September 30, 2023

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Your experience includes a catered brunch, all supplies for the experience and

The F..E.W. Favorites box full of goodies for your growth.



Release, Reconnect and Reignite the authentic you, first and foremost



 Going below the surface of the excuses to eliminate challenges with solutions.

Image by Greyson Joralemon

Creative Play

Safe space for you to imagine, create, laugh and grow through play.


Mission Mapping

Strategies to move you from "what if I do" to "when I do" 



Intentional interactions for transformation not just transactions



Challenging your mindset with immediately actionable tools and tips

Our Clients Say

L Brown - Lakeisha Brown (1).jpg

My life changed since working with Tiffany with the confidence I now have speaking in front of people and being my true self. I can speak in front of people but as someone else. She helped me to trust myself. I would definitely recommend Tiffany to work with others; especially those who have never been in a public speaking position. She's awesome!

L. Brown, 

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