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I started helping women elevate their lives with resume makeovers when I was in high school... 

Whether you are scrubbing toilets, starting the next nonprofit or running the highest ranked sales division in your industry, the story you tell yourselves impacts the way you live out your story and interact with others.  Once you've made peace with your story, nobody can weaponize it against you, it is then you begin to live in breakthrough.

It is then when you realize, regardless of what you do or where you're from, you are the only thing in the way of increasing your impact and income.

I grew up the youngest of three children in a family plagued by every adversity they made after school specials about in the 80's. I was not expected to survive, let alone thrive.

But God.

I know the challenge of doing all of the "right" things and somehow finding yourself at the top of the wrong ladder, wondering if it's worth it to climb down and start at the bottom of the right one.

I know what it's like to feel called to start something new, or lead something with nobody to guide you and learn to fail forward along the way.

I know what it's like for the burden of your story to weigh so heavily over everything you do because you are afraid to release the pain and shame for fear people will judge you.


There are thousands of people waiting to be served by you, your mission, and your truth.

The first Coffee + Clarity Experience had ONE person, ONE.  I showed up for that one person as if she were 100, and every month after I continued to show up.  Within six months the experience outgrew THREE spaces, and expanded to two locations. Within the first year, it made an Award Winning Entrepreneur.  The difference, I showed up fully as me, as The M.V.P., and this process has also made me an Award Winning Author, helped me raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and help other women do much of the same and more.

What are you waiting for?

It's time you stop focusing so much time and thought on what you could, should, or need to do.

The truth is, it comes down to WHO.  WHO are you?

People buy because of you.  People want to work and learn from you. People are attracted to the mission of YOU.

When you get clear on WHO, the DO will be more natural for YOU.

Too often I encounter women leaders like you who are trapped in the vicious cycle of stuck to survival mode.  You've achieved the outwork success, and yet you recognize you're not operating or executing at your highest level of excellence.

It's time to break the cycle.

Ready to get started?

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